How to Look after your Swimming Goggles


Goggles are probably one of the most important pieces of your swimming gear.  If you want some tips on how to care for your swimming goggles, and keep them as good as the day you bought them,  then keep on reading. 

1. How to Keep your Goggles from Fogging Up

You’ve got in at your favourite outdoor swimming spot, planned your route with your swim buddy, taken those first few excited strokes only to find your view through your goggles is something akin to The Great Smog of 1952. 

 There are however two simple tips to follow to stop your goggles fogging up.   All the goggles we sell on the Wild Swim Store have an anti-fog coating.  

The first tip to stop your goggles fogging up is that you should never wipe the inside of your goggles with your fingers, towel or anything else.   

All this will do is wipe away the ant-fog coating! 

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2. How to Re-Apply your Anti-Fog Coating

If you do happen to wipe away the anti-fog coating (I only learnt about this recently and so stand guilty as charged), or it has naturally worn off as it will do over time, then there is a solution (Pun intended).  

You can simply get a bottle of anti-fog solution and spray a little on each lens and let it dry naturally. 

3. What to do with your Goggles after swimming. 

Whether you’re swimming in the salty seas, fresh water or dare we say, a chlorinated pool, the water that brings you so much joy also contains some nasties that if left festering on your goggles (or any other piece of swim equipment) will cut short their life span. 

 The answer is simple, a little post swim TLC.   Rinse you goggles in cold tap water when you get home, then hang up to dry, away from direct sunlight, or any heat source.

4. How to Store your Goggles.

Now this is one I have definitely been guilty of.  I’ve hopped out of the water, my mind is already milling over whether I’m going to have one or two pieces of cake.  I toss my precious goggles into my backpack for them to tumble around, lenses being massaged by any sand and grit.   

You get the idea.  Once scratched you will not be able to save those lenses.   So make sure you keep your goggles in a case.  All of the goggles we currently stock at time of writing come with their own carry case, all of which also conveniently clip onto the outside of your bag.  

So there you go.  Those are our top tips for looking after your goggles.   Are there any others that you use?   We’d love to know so pop us an email!

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