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SNUG BUD® - Wearable Body Warmer with Hand Warming Sleeve Cosmic Blue & Love Red

SNUG BUD® - Wearable Body Warmer with Hand Warming Sleeve Cosmic Blue & Love Red

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The SNUG BUD® is a wearable body warmer with a hand-warming sleeve and is every cold-water swimmer's dream!  A great addition to your post-swim kit, this will be sure to help you to warm up after your swim. 

Simply fill up the natural rubber water bottle with hot water (not boiling), put it in the pouch, sling it over your shoulder and begin the post-swim warming process.  It has an anti-burn insulated cover, so it warms you up gradually as warming up too quickly can be dangerous. 

We love the fact that you wear it across your body like a sling, either on your front or back, which allows you to be hands-free to be able to have that all-important post-swim hot drink and cake! The hand-warming sleeve is a lovely feature, lined with a super soft fabric, it warms your hands up slowly so you can regain function in your hands and fingers again.

Top tip - Wrap your clothes around it when you go in for your swim, so when you get changed into them post-swim they are nice and toasty!

EASY: It’s quick and easy to put on and take off; and has an adjustable waist strap. It is comfortably worn front or back, whether over or under outer garments.

WARMS YOUR HANDS: SNUG BUD® has a hand-warming sleeve conveniently placed on the front of the device.

HANDS-FREE: Once in position, SNUG BUD® stays put, allowing the free use of one’s hands.

EXTRA INSULATION: The enclosed layer of insulation front and back is a major warmth retention feature, allowing the device to provide heat for up to 6 hours.

SAFETY: With BS 1970/2012 accreditation (the internationally accepted hot water bottle safety standard) the hot water bottle is extremely safe for users.

WATER RESISTANT POCKET: This added pocket is positioned within the shoulder strap; and in the Classic model it can securely accommodate a medium-sized mobile phone, credit cards and a little cash.



  • A comfortable sling design with soft, water-resistant, non-absorbing shell fabric for exterior outer cover.
  • One adjustable adult Classic and one adjustable Junior size will fit most.
  • Interior insulation reflects heat back to the natural rubber hot water bottle heat source resulting in longer warmth duration as well as a gentle release of warmth.
  • Warm, cuddle-soft fabric for hand-warming sleeve interior.
  • The hot water bottle receiving pouch fabric is waterproof (excludes zipper) and limits concerns of accidental water leakage.
  • The hot water bottle provides and radiates long-lasting warmth for up to 6 hours.
  • The two zippers are made to the highest quality from the world’s leading brand, YKK. The Classic water-resistant shoulder strap pocket accommodates a medium sized mobile phone, some cash or cards.
  • Heat reflective fabric surrounds the hot water bottle to retain heat and prevent burns, with controlled heat release.
  • SNUG BUD® and all its packaging is 100% recyclable, making it environmentally friendly.


  • Cover: 91% Polyester, 6.5% Polyurethane Laminate, 2.5% Alumunuzed Polyethylene
  • Buckles & zippers: Acetal
  • Hot water bottle: natural rubber


  • 36 H x 23 W

  • One size fits most adjustability.


  • Overheating could damage the cover
  • Sharp or rough foreign objects placed within the SNUG BUD® may compromise the waterproofing
  • Remove hot water bottle before washing fabric cover
  • Hand wash cold, mild detergent, do not tumble dry, no bleach, dry flat, do not dry clean, no iron
  • Do not wash hot water bottle - simply wipe with a damp cloth and allow to dry in a cool, dry place with the stopper out 


The SNUG BUD® is designed to carry the supplied hot water bottle. 


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