Huub Anti-fog Spray 15ml

Huub Anti-fog Spray 15ml

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There's nothing more irritating (ok maybe there is) than taking a well earned rest when out swimming in the open water to take in the scenery, and the view through your goggles looking like you've been caught in the morning mist on Bodmin Moor. 

All of the goggles we stock here at The Wild Swim Store come with anti-fog coatings.  

The number one way that this will deteriorate is if you wipe the inside off your goggles with your fingers/towel.   So this should be avoided at all times.  

Over time the coating will naturally fade from contact with salty, fresh or dare we say it, chlorinated water.  However it does not mean you need to shell out on a new pair.  

By using the Huub Anti-Fog Spray you can refresh the coating by applying a couple of sprays to each lens and letting it dry naturally.  You are then ready for your next outdoor swimming adventure. 


  • 15ml Bottle.
  • Anti-Fog spray for hard and soft lens swimming goggles.
  • Lightweight small portable canister.
  • Helps prevent fogging and misting.
  • Extends your goggle life.
  • Increased vision and clarity. 

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