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Huub - Women's Alta Wetsuit

Huub - Women's Alta Wetsuit

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The Women's Alta Wetsuit by Huub is an entry-level wetsuit aimed at leisure open water swimmers and those new to the sport, with great upper body flexibility and added leg buoyancy.

Delivering the HUUB wetsuit design innovation and quality in a value priced suit. Arms Neutral™ offers freedom feeling rotation with an exclusive buoyancy profile to meet new open water swimmers' needs whilst also targeting 95% of the triathlon market, not from a swim background.


  • Arms Neutral™ exclusive and patent-pending technology delivering totally unrivalled and unmatched Rotational Freedom™.
  • Superior grade neoprene.
  • Standard rear release zipper.
  • Upper body freedom & lower body lift.
  • Exclusive 2:4 buoyancy profile.


Warranty: All Huub wetsuits have a 1-year warranty.  The warranty runs from the original date of receipt only.

What is not covered under warranty:

  • Tears in neoprene - All Huub wetsuits are examined before shipment and will not have tears. This is caused by force and pressure being too high when you are putting the suit on or at speed removing it. Huub recommend Black Witch neoprene adhesive to seal it. 

Orders of this item will Be dispatched 30/03/23.

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