orange waterproof phone pouch for open water swimming
Swim Secure

Swim Secure - Waterproof Phone Pouch

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The Swim Secure waterproof phone pouch is perfect for keeping your smart phone or electronic car keys safe and dry. A waterproof double lock seal keeps your belongings safe at the beach, pool, river or lake. The clear panels allows you to use your smart phone in the pouch while keeping it dry. A velcro flap keeps the waterproof seal secure.

Don’t risk leaving your mobile phone or electronic car keys on the beach. The adjustable lanyard allows the waterproof phone pouch to easily hang around the neck.

Can be used with other Swim Secure products for added peace of mind and to guard against condensation damage on longer swims.

IMPORTANT: Check all seals are fully closed before use. Test before first use by submerging when empty. Not advised for use below 2m depth. The Wild Swim Store will not be liable for any damage of valuables in the using of the Swim Secure Waterproof phone pouch.


  • Keeps your phone safe and dry
  • Use the phone through the clear front and back panels
  • Double seal waterproof system
  • Larger size fits latest smart phones
  • Size - 27cm x 11cm x 2cm 
  • Lanyard length - 100 cm

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