Can you Swim A Triathlon in a Surf Wetsuit?

Can you Swim A Triathlon in a Surf Wetsuit?

One question we often get is the difference between a surfing wetsuit and a wetsuit designed for Open Water Swimming.

Key Differences in Design and Functionality

Surfing wetsuits prioritise warmth, especially when sitting on your board waiting for waves. This means they are generally thicker than Open Water Swimming Wetsuits.

Wetsuits work by trapping water, which your body heats, creating an insulating layer. Since you're constantly moving in Open Water Swimming, you don't need as much thickness, and overheating becomes a concern.

Prioritising Mobility and Speed

A thick layer of neoprene can restrict movement, leading to shoulder injuries, the most common swimming injury.Therefore, high-end suits like the Spook by Yonda have thinner arms and shoulder areas for maximum mobility.

Wearing a wetsuit also improves your body position in the water, potentially making you up to 10 seconds faster per 100m! This is because your legs become more buoyant, keeping you in a streamlined position, crucial for fast swimming.

Optimised Neckline for Open Water Swimming

The neckline on an open water swimming wetsuit is often lower cut than on a surfing wetsuit. This prevents chafing when constantly turning your head for freestyle swimming.

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