Spring Sea Temperatures

"I always wondered why in March & April would be when you would see the highest concentration of Surfers wearing neoprene hoods"

Did you know that in Spring is when you will often find the sea to be at its coldest? It is due to a phenomenon known as Seasonal Lag. Click below to learn more or watch the above video.

See Clearly Even When the Rain Hasn't Gone

One of the most beautiful things about swimming outdoors is the scenery. Above & below the water. Photochromatic Lenses adapt to the lighting conditions. We have a range of Photochomatic goggles: Check them out below:

Change Warmer

Change Warmer

Your core body temperature continues to drop up to 20 minutes after leaving the water.

The safest and most effective way to warm up after a chilly Spring dip is slowly. Watch the above video to learn more about the Afterdrop.

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A Wild Swimming Family.

The Wild Swim Store is run by Tam and Jay, swimming siblings with a helping hand from Mama swim. We are a family run business bringing you products that we ourselves use to swim warmer, swim safer and change warmer.

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