Exploring Wild Swim Spots

Exploring Wild Swim Spots

Wild Swimmer in a Rock Pool Swimming
Photo by Jo Clement

Words by Tamsyn

Seeking out wild swim spots is so good for the soul. ⁣ That sense of awe and wonder can be incredible for your health, happiness and wellbeing.  So it is of no surprise that scientists say experiencing awe can help you live your best life.

For me, I never take a swim for granted, especially when I explore a new wild swimming spot, in particular a tidal pool.  With the fluctuations in my health due to living with a chronic illness called ME (Myalgic encephalomyelitis), the sheer joy of being well enough to go on an adventure and discover new places feels like the greatest gift ever.

On this particular occasion, I spent a lot of time eyeing up the access to this pool, making sure it was safe to approach it with the tide only just receded enough to get over to it.  After lots of umming and ahhing of whether to make a break for it and head over to it, the lovely Jo Clement and Patrick from Cornwall Elopements appeared and in a flash we started to make our way over to it.  

Two Women Wild sSwimming in a Tidal Pool in Cornwall
Photo by Patrick

To experience such a breathtaking rock pool with two of the loveliest people made this dip even more-so special.  

Whilst the rest of the country was basking in 20 degrees heat, down in Cornwall we were faced with high winds and hazy skies, which made for a chilly day and the prospect of stripping down to swimwear wasn’t the most welcome idea.  Luckily I had on my trusty Fourth Element Long Sleeve Swimsuit so I felt safe in the knowledge that I would be able to stay in safely for longer than if I was just in a swimsuit.  The waves were big enough that they were still sloshing into the sea pool, creating a washing machine effect which would push you to one end of the pool and then as the water receded, it would start to suck you out towards the sea edge of the pool.  

Outdoor Swimmer Floating in a Cornish Sea Pool
Photo by Jo Clement

We played it safe and kept to the cliff side of the pool and made sure we were close to a rock that we could hang onto when a particularly big wave entered the pool.  It was all about the timing and we soon got into a sea pool routine whereby we would let go of the rock and swim about before returning to hold on when a wave would enter.  The colour of the water was a deep green and on a calm day it would be incredible to explore the pool properly.

Two Wild Swimmers in a Tidal pool Cornwall
Photo by Patrick


We do not disclose the location of tidal pools due to safety reasons.  
Always be careful when exploring new swim spots.  

For more wild swimming safety tips please read our blog Wild Swimming Safety Basics.

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