The Long Sleeve Swimsuit that will change your wild swims

In the wild swimming world, there is often a question that gets asked - do you swim in skins (swimwear) or a wetsuit?  Throughout my outdoor swimming life I have more often favoured wearing swimwear over neoprene simply because I like the sense of freedom and easy movement it brings as well as the full on cold immersion experience.
This winter season has been the first time I’ve swum pretty much right through (bar some time during lockdown) and I’ve only managed a few minutes in the water at a time.  Part of me has been relishing in the bone numbingly sense I get from the icy cold water but I’ve really missed being able to spend more time, soaking up the nature that surrounds me.
Wild Swimmer in the sea Swimming by beach in Cornwall
One of my favourite things about swimming in the wild is being immersed in the elements, there’s something truly magical about bobbing about in the sea, seeing the waves crash around you, sea birds swooping across the surface and spending some mindful moments in this blue therapy.  So I’ve often felt frustrated that after a mere few minutes, reluctantly I have dragged myself out of the water only to look back longingly as I fumble about trying to dry myself and get changed. 
Open Water Swimmer in sea Cornwall with long sleeve woman swimsuit
Since discovering the Fourth Element Thermocline Long Sleeve Swimsuit this has all changed for me.  It perfectly bridges the gap between a swimsuit and a wetsuit, and unlike neoprene it has flexibility so you don’t feel constrained in it.  The inside of it is made out of fleece which makes you feel snug and cozy when you put it on.  I was on the lookout for a suit which would allow me to spend more time in the water whilst still getting the benefits from the cold water immersion. The fact that it is made from econyl, a fabric made out of discarded ghost fishing nets is a massive bonus. 
The first time I wore it I was able to more than double my time in the water and I can now be in for thirty minutes, a huge improvement from the days of 5 minute dips! 
Sea swimmer in St Ives Cornwall with Long Sleeve Swimsuit on - Fourth Element Thermocline
With the water temperatures still feeling chilly, this suit is ideal.  Whether like me you want to spend more time swimming, taking in the nature around you or simply messing about, this is the answer to your wild swimming swimwear needs.
Check out the Fourth Element Thermocline Long Sleeve Swimsuit here.

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