Winter Wild Swimming in Mermaid Pools

Winter Wild Swimming in Mermaid Pools

Mermaid swimming in a sea pool in Cornwall
Photo by Jo Clement

It was one of those perfect winter days, a cold crisp morning where the car windscreen was covered in a blanket of white ice and the sun was just starting to rise up into the blue skies.  We had all our swim kit precisely packed into our bags along with bottles of hot chocolate and our lunch, not an inch of room spare in the full filled backpacks.  

Ice on car windscreen - Winter Swimming

Off we trundled through the narrow back lanes of Cornwall's countryside towards one of our favourite tidal pools.  Low tide was at 11am and it was about a 40 minute walk to it from where we could park the car.  As we walked along the footpath we passed dog walkers, each and every one commenting on what a beautiful morning it was.  The sunshine was peeping over the hill, starting to melt the frost encrusted grass and plants.  We stopped to greet some of the local residents, two donkeys, too busy munching away on their breakfast of hay to even look up at us. 

Morning Sunshine Over a Hill - Winter Swimming

As we rounded the corner on the tiny footpath the tidal pool came into view.  Still in the shade from the sun, the water looked a deep dark blue and the waves continued to crash into it, just a trickle of water entering the pool.  It was about 45 minutes before low tide so we sat and waited patiently for the pool to be free of the crashing waves and for our friends to join us before swimming in this beautiful wild swimming spot.

Wild swimmer sat by tidal rock sea pool
Photo by Lesley

The sounds of our friends Jo and Patrick calling to us as they walked along the footpath overlooking the pool echoed around us and a bubble of excitement tickled my tummy!  It was the first time we'd seen them in what felt like forever, they run an incredible eco outdoor wild elopement business in Cornwall Cornwall Elopements and 2021 was a super busy time for them, with back to back ceremonies.  Super exciting for 2022, they are going to be introducing Wild Swimming Ceremonies. 

It was time to get in the pool, the calm emerald green waters were calling to us.  The sun had crept around the corner and was now illuminating the pool.  The cold water temperatures made for a bit of hesitation about getting in and as there were not many shallow sections in the pool, before you knew it you'd slipped into the water!  The icy cold water engulfed me and I felt a buzz around my body as I moved through the water.  

Wild swimmer in mermaid pool underwater
Photo by Jo Clement

There was a magnificent blue starfish clinging to the side of a rock in the pool, its blue colour emanating the coldness of the water.  Diving downwards, the coldness of the water made me feel like I'd just eaten a hundred ice creams at once and I was glad I had my ear plugs in, to stop the cold water from seeping into my ears.  The sun beams danced through the surface, making you feel like you were under a flurry of spotlights.

Wild swimmers in a Cornish tidal pool
Photo by Jo Clement

We kept our immersion time short, aware that this was the coldest we'd swam in for a while.  Clambering out of the pool, having the Rock hopper neoprene shoes on I felt my feet were protected from the sharp rocks and my feet kept warmer than if I was barefoot.  Grateful for the sunshine which was now shining over the whole area, we dried off quickly and put on our many layers, finishing off with our gorgeous wool headbands by Lulu Wild.  It was the first time my fingers felt a biting cold feeling on the tips, so being able to bury them into the soft warm fleece inside the wearable hot water bottle, the Snug Bud made such a treat!  

Three open water swimmers by sea pool wearing Lulu Wild wool headbands
Photo by Patrick 

After our swim, we chowed down some food and had our all important hot chocolate.  Having a reusable insulated bottle which keeps your drinks hot is such a necessity when cold water swimming, even more so in the winter time.  Sitting around chatting and watching as the waves from the sea reclaimed the tidal pool is always such a pleasure, knowing that you've had a magical wild swim in it. 

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