Collection: Ultimate Floats 28L Tow Float Dry Bags

The Ultimate Floats Tow Float Dry Bags are your perfect open water swimming companion. Especially handy for those training for a race or doing longer swims. What makes it special is the mesh pocket on the outside. You can either put a small water bottle, some fuel, your phone or anything else you may need to access whilst swimming. 

Other top features include:

  • Pack Up:  28 litres waterproof dry bag fits all your essentials 
  • Double Up: Two air chambers to keep buoyancy, in case one is punctured.
  • Be Heard: Whistle incorporated into the clip to attract attention.
  • Free waterproof phone case:  Waterproof phone case to keep your phone, and a place to store your 'In Case Of Emergency' contact information.
  • Free water thermometer:  The Ultimate Tow Float includes a free thermometer so you can ensure you don't over do it 
  • Swivel & Swim: The buckle is designed to stop the annoying twisting and tangling of the waist strap when you are out swimming in the water
  • Adjustable waist strap: 20" to 48", makes the tow floats suitable for both adults and children and attaches very securely.

Available in three bright colours: pink, yellow or orange