NEW Swim Secure - Adventure Light - Green
Swim Secure

NEW Swim Secure - Adventure Light - Green

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These Swim Secure Adventure Lights are a must-have whether you are a night swimmer or an early morning dawn dipper. They have a handy mini carabiner that allows you to securely clip them to the outside of your tow float or pop them inside your dry bag tow float. Another tip is to use them to pinpoint where your entry/exit points are. 

The light is operated by twisting the domed lens, easy to do even with chilly fingers.

To switch from flashing to steady mode simply remove the battery and replace it upside down - ensure this is done when the light is dry. 


  • Stay visible in the water and on land
  • Visible from up to 5km away
  • Waterproof to 100m
  • Two modes - flashing and steady
  • Up to 250 hours battery life in flashing mode
  • Clips to tow float and dry bag products for added visibility
  • Battery included
  • Available in white 

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