The Zone 3 Women's Aspect Breaststroke Wild Swimming Wetsuit is a premium wetsuit designed specifically for breaststroke swimmers. It features high-quality materials, a comfortable fit, and innovative design elements that make it perfect for keeping you warmer during swims in open water.


    Forget shivering starts and goosebump finishes! This wetsuit isn't just about comfort, it's about unlocking more of your wild swimming adventures. Its innovative design traps warmth, letting you extend your season, conquer cooler waters, and explore hidden coves for longer. Imagine serene springtime sunrise swims, or invigorating autumn dips without the fear of a quick retreat. With the Aspect, warmth becomes your ally, empowering you to discover the true freedom of open-water exploration.

  • Swim in Comfort

    Ditch the struggle and embrace the glide! Unlike traditional wetsuits designed for freestyle, this beauty understands the breaststroke's unique needs. Say goodbye to lower back strain – the reduced leg buoyancy allows your legs to sink naturally, promoting a comfortable, horizontal position. Stretchy panels unleash your inner frog, enabling powerful, unrestricted kicks. And the best part? No more awkward head-bobbing! The streamlined design keeps your head low, so you can marvel at the underwater world and soak in the coastal scenery with every stroke. It's breaststroke bliss, reimagined.

  • Swim Safer.

    Swim with confidence, explore with peace of mind. The Aspect's strategic buoyancy isn't just about comfort, it's about added safety. Ever encounter a mid-swim cramp? This wetsuit acts as your built-in life jacket, providing extra floatation to help you rest and recover gracefully. Remember, safety first! While the Aspect offers support, never push your limits beyond your capabilities. The thrill of exploring comes with responsible swimming - this suit is your partner, not a substitute for good judgment. So, suit up, stay safe, and discover the wild with newfound confidence!

A Stroke of Genius

For folks who like to mix up their Strokes

  • All Strokes: Designed with a focus on Breaststroke, great for freestyle.
  • Swim Warmer: Excellent warmth, comfort and flexibility.
  • Kick Wider: High-stretch inner leg panels required for breastroke leg kick.
  • Position Better: Reduced lower leg buoyancy allows legs to stay submerged.
  • Glide More: Mixture of SCS, Smoothskin and high-stretch nylon panels reduce drag.
  • Change Faster: Pro-Speed wrist cuffs allow efficient removal and save your energy for swimming

Change Faster.

Ditch the wetsuit wrestling match! Gone are the days of battling stubborn sleeves and ankles. This wetsuit boasts innovative cuffs designed for effortless changing. Crafted from smooth, flexible materials, they slip on like a second skin, eliminating the usual tug-of-war.

Tam from The Wild Swim Store has also found that the stretchy material between the legs and under the arms make this easier than a full neoprene wetsuit to get on.

No more wasted time or frustration – just pure, seamless ease. So, slip in, splash out, and conquer your aquatic adventures with newfound speed and convenience!


The Aspect Wild Swimming Wetsuit