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Puffin - Waterproof Phone Pouch - Orange

Puffin - Waterproof Phone Pouch - Orange

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This bright orange waterproof phone pouch by Puffin is perfect for taking your phone to the lake, beach or river, whether swimming, paddle-boarding or surfing.

Use it in your Puffin Swim Drybag tow float for extra watertight security for your phone, bank cards, car key, money etc.

This Puffin waterproof phone pouch has a waterproof triple seal system with additional Velcro closure for extra security to keep your phone or car keys safe from splashes, spray water and dirt.

Use your phone through the clear front and back panels. 


  • Ideal for use in your drybag swim float
  • Triple seal waterproof system
  • Use your phone through the clear panels, front and back
  • Talk and hear through phone pouch
  • Protects from dirt, sand, scratches & liquids
  • Comes with 1-metre lanyard
  • Size: 200mm x 100mm (clear panel: 150mm x 80mm)
  • Made from PVC

Suitable for all common smartphones such as:

– iPhone 4 – 8+, 11, 12
– Samsung Galaxy S3 – S8, Note 3-5
– Sony Xperia: Z1 – Z5
– Huawei:  P7 – P10
– plus other phones up to 7 inch (17.8 cm) diagonals.

How to use your Waterproof Phone Pouch

  • Before use check waterproof-ness by placing dry tissue inside and immersing the pouch in water for 15mins.  
  • Check your pouch before each use for signs of damage. Ensure zippers are fully closed/ sealed at each use.
When opening, be careful not to drip water back into the pouch.


IMPORTANT: Check all seals are fully closed before use. Test before first use by submerging in water when empty. Not advised for use below 2m depth. The Wild Swim Store will not be liable for any damage of valuables in the using of the Swim Secure Waterproof phone pouch.


Please see the sizing guide in the images

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