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The Yonda Spook Open Water Swimming Wetsuit - Women's

The Yonda Spook Open Water Swimming Wetsuit - Women's

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We have been searching here at The Wild Swim Store for our a go to Freestyle wetsuit, for weekly training, filming and exploring, at a price that doesn't break the bank. 

We think we have found it in The Spook by Yonda.

The Spook is the British brands entry level wetsuit. However once we spent a few days in the water swimming in it, it really feels anything but entry level. The suit is made from 100% Yamamoto limestone Neoprene, from Japan, some of the best out there, with 3mm on the body and 2mm on the sides of the body.

When testing in pretty chilly Spring Cornish seas it kept our core nicely warmed on our swims. Its the flexibility in the arms that really sets this suit apart.

The most common injury that swimmers get is in the shoulders. And when swimming with a wetsuit it can put added pressure on them. The arms on the Spook are super thin, meaning it has incredible flexibility, reducing pressure on your joints and enabling you to keep as close to your normal stroke as you can.

The arms are made from 2mm Nano Yamamoto Open Cell Neoprene: a super fabric that gives you freedom in your movement. The suit felt also perfectly balanced in the water. Wetsuits give you added buoyancy, especially in the legs, giving you a better body position in the water making you more streamline.

You can gain up to almost 10 seconds per 100 Metres when swimming in a wetsuit!

However the extra buoyancy needs to be balanced, and the Spook feels finely tuned in this respect. 

The Spook also comes with a hidden key pocket, plus a sturdy YKK Zip closing. 

So if you are looking for a wetsuit that gives you an optimum body position, incredible flexibility and at a decent price, then look no further than the Spook. 

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