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Women's Aspect 'Breaststroke' Wild Swimming Wetsuit V2

Women's Aspect 'Breaststroke' Wild Swimming Wetsuit V2

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  • All Strokes: Designed with a focus on Breaststroke, great for freestyle.
  • Swim Warmer: Excellent warmth, comfort and flexibility.
  • Kick Wider: High-stretch inner leg panels required for breastroke leg kick.
  • Position Better: Reduced lower leg buoyancy allows legs to stay submerged.
  • Glide More: Mixture of SCS, Smoothskin and high-stretch nylon panels reduce drag.
  • Change Faster: Pro-Speed wrist cuffs allow efficient removal and save your energy for swimming


Check out our video here on how to care for your wetsuit.

Sizing advicein our experience we find this wetsuit does come up on the small side so you might prefer to go up a size for a comfort fit.

This is the perfect Wild swimming wetsuit. The Zone3 Aspect wetsuit has been developed in response to the high volume of swimmers searching for a wetsuit in which they can swim breaststroke with as well as front crawl. 

For SS23 the Aspect wetsuit has been updated with Pro-Speed wrist cuffs for easy removal, sleeker graphics and an improved construction for a longer lasting wetsuit. However, the premise is still the same. The revolutionary Aspect wetsuit allows open water swimmers to swim both breaststroke and front crawl in comfort.

Watch the below video where Tam shows us the Original Zone 3 Aspect 'Breaststroke' wetsuit.

The large majority of wetsuits on the market are only designed for surface swimming and don’t allow for the lateral leg movement required for the breaststroke technique.

This is where the Aspect is different, utilising a mixture of high performance Aqua-X, Smoothskin and High-Stetch Nylon panels, this wetsuit is designed to allow an extended range of movement between the legs and across the chest. Aqua-X is a coating applied to the neoprene which significantly reduces drag in the water whilst also improving durability.

The wetsuit also is made from a combination of 1.5, 2 and 3mm thicknesses so the legs can stay submerged in the water and a natural breaststroke swimming position can be maintained. A combination of glued seams and flatlock seams allows the extra stretch in the key movement areas whilst also keeping the price point as affordable as possible.

The latest wetsuit from Zone3 is equally suitable for front crawl swimming and therefore adds a new Aspect to your open water swimming options.

When referring to the sizing chart to determine what size you need, there will be people who fit more than one category or size.

Wetsuit sizing - please refer to the image showing Zone 3 sizing guidelines. However, in our experience we find this wetsuit does come up on the small side so you might prefer to go up a size for a comfort fit.

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