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Huub Luub - Anti-Chafing Lube 66g

Huub Luub - Anti-Chafing Lube 66g

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So before we get into details, whoever came up with calling it "Luub", we tip our swim hats off to you!

What is the one thing we wish someone had told us before we first used a wetsuit for open water swims?   Make sure you lube up before! 

When swimming in a wetsuit, especially in saltwater, you are likely to have an area that rubs, and it can get pretty raw.  This will then stop you from swimming again until it heals, or make it extremely painful.  Saltwater and raw skin don't mix well!

The area you should focus on is around the neck, and go higher than the wetsuit sits on your neck than when on dry land.   

Another use for the lube is to help you get a wetsuit on and off quicker.  Apply a little to the inside and outside of the wrist and ankle cuffs, and it will save you from the latest TikTok dance trend: The Wetsuit Shuffle.  Fun the first time.  Frustrating thereafter. 


  • 66g roll on stick
  • Contains Cetearyl Alcohol

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