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Ultimate Floats 28L Tow Float Dry Bag for Open Water Swimming - Pink

Ultimate Floats 28L Tow Float Dry Bag for Open Water Swimming - Pink

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This open water swimming tow float is perfect for those training for a race or doing longer swims.  Carry your water bottle and some fuel in the outer mesh pocket so you can carry on swimming. 

Designed with quality and safety in mind. At every turn, only premium materials have been selected with top class features to ensure a high quality product.

Whether you are an open water swimmer or wild dipper, our swim buoy will give you the confidence to go further.


  • Easy Access: The External mesh pocket is big enough to carry a small water bottle and snacks for your longer swims or your phone (in a waterproof phone pouch) for easy access in case of emergency, or for that selfie snap!
  • Pack Up:  28 litres waterproof dry bag fits all your essentials 
  • Double Up: Two air chambers to keep buoyancy, in case one is punctured.
  • Be Heard: Whistle incorporated into the clip to attract attention.
  • Free waterproof phone case:  Waterproof phone case to keep your phone, and a place to store your 'In Case Of Emergency' contact information.
  • Free water thermometer:  The Ultimate Tow Float includes a free thermometer so you can ensure you don't over do it 
  • Swivel & Swim: The buckle is designed to stop the annoying twisting and tangling of the waist strap when you are out swimming in the water
  • Adjustable waist strap: 20" to 48", makes the tow floats suitable for both adults and children and attaches very securely.
    - Pink
    - Yellow
    - Orange (Shark repelling apparently!)
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