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Yonda Wetsuits

Yonda Swim 28 Litre Tow Float

Yonda Swim 28 Litre Tow Float

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This brightly coloured inflatable dry bag is ideal for storing your kit whilst you swim and to use as an inflatable buoy for increased visibility in open water.  Made from strong Nylon with rugged PVC coating. Includes waterproof phone case.

The Yonda Dry Bag features dual airbags which are to be inflated once the bag is filled with whatever content you want to put in. The inflation chambers are separate from the storage area, thus providing more buoyancy than just a normal dry bag. Other features include webbing grab handles and reflective logo. T

he Dry Bag offers an adjustable dual belt design that attaches securely around the swimmer's waist and the leash ensures that the product remains out of stroke range while swimming. The 28L bag is highly recommended for all open water swimmers who need to carry their kit/valuables when going for a swim, or anyone who needs extra visibility when swimming in the open water

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