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Zone 3

Zone 3 - Neoprene Thermotech Warmth Swim Mittens

Zone 3 - Neoprene Thermotech Warmth Swim Mittens

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These Zone 3 neoprene Thermotech Warmth Swim Mitts are great to keep your hands warm on those cold water dips.

We have been using Zone 3's heat-tech thermo range gloves and socks for years and swear by them. 

The main function of the Thermo-tech Warmth Swim Mitts is to keep your hands insulated from the cold water. 

With 3.5mm neoprene and a double lined palm for added warmth and a printed gripper on the palms for added grip.

Extended wrist for extra coverage allows you to stay warm and dry with the padded neoprene material and secure fit - perfect for those colder months.

Key Features:

  • 3.5mm thick neoprene 
  • Double lined palm with printed gripper
  • Extended wrist coverage

Key Benefits:

  • Warm with extra palm grip
  • Great for cold water dips


Remember this is a guide and we recommend that you check for the correct fit before using for the first time in the water. 

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