Best Wild Swimming Gear for the Cold Months: Swim Warmer

Best Wild Swimming Gear for the Cold Months: Swim Warmer

Wild swimming in the winter can be a truly exhilarating experience. But it is important to have the right kit to be able to do it not only safely but to allow you to enjoy the experience. 

Here we give a run down of our top picks of swimming gear to help you swim through the colder months. 


Some people prefer to swim in 'skins' which is just a swimsuit or swim shorts but if you are new to wild swimming we would recommend you wear something that can keep you a bit warmer.


Wetsuits can be an excellent tool for open water swimming, providing insulation and buoyancy.

Zone 3 Women's Aspect 'Breaststroke' Wild Swimming Wetsuit


Zone 3 
Women's Aspect 'Breaststroke' Wild Swimming Wetsuit

We highly recommend the Zone 3 Aspect 'Breaststroke' Wetsuit.

Here are some reasons why we think it is the ultimate wetsuit for all your wild swims:

  • Designed to be able to easily swim breaststroke as well as frontcrawl
  • It has stretchy panels under arms and crotch area to easily swim breaststroke 
  • Less buoyancy in the legs to keep them lower in the water for breaststroke leg kick
  • Easy remove cuffs

If you are new to wearing a wetsuit for cold water swimming make sure you check out our blog Top 5 Tips for the First Time Swimming in a Wetsuit.

Long Sleeve Swimsuits

If you are looking for something in between a normal swimsuit and a wetsuit, then a long sleeve swimsuit like the below can be a great option for you. They give you coverage on the arms whilst allowing your legs to be free, and provide extra warmth too. 

Zone 3 Women's Yulex Long sleeve Swimsuit


This Women's Yulex® Natural Rubber Long Sleeve Swimsuit by Zone 3 is made for all your open water adventures.

Featuring 1.5mm thickness throughout and full coverage across the back and arms, it provides core warmth and protection from the elements while allowing great freedom of movement, whatever the activity.

It is eco-friendly too; by using natural rubber, the suit's CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 80% supporting a greener future for the next generation of open water swimmers.

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Fourth Element - Women’s Thermocline Long Sleeve Swimsuit

Fourth Element - Women’s Thermocline Long Sleeve Swimsuit

When you are looking for a swimsuit with a little more warmth, this is the perfect solution.  Equivalent to 2mm of Neoprene, with a warm cosy fleece lining.  It gives you warmth, but without the restrictions of wearing a full wetsuit, perfect for cold water swimming.

It is lightweight, neutrally buoyant, machine washable, breathable and hypo-allergenic.

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Swim socks and gloves

Zone 3 - Neoprene Heat-Tech Warmth Swim Socks


Zone 3 - Neoprene Heat-Tech Warmth Swim Socks


With their streamlined design and less bulk, these boots are perfect for minimising drag during extended swims. The 3.5 mm neoprene construction, combined with the titanium lining that reflects body heat, ensures exceptional warmth, making them a fantastic choice for those seeking comfort and performance in the water.


Zone 3 Heat Tech Gloves

Zone 3 - Neoprene Heat-Tech Warmth Swim Gloves


These Zone 3 neoprene heat-tech warm swim gloves share the responsibility of keeping your extremities warm, without restricting any movement during those colder swims. 

These innovative swimming socks and gloves are not only some of the warmest available on the market, perfect for those who want to keep their feet and hands warm, but they are also great for longer swims. 

They have an extra strap on the wrist and a non slip cuff to ensure they remain streamline, fitted and don’t fill up with water. 

They are 3.5mm thickness and come complete with a titanium lining to reflect the body's heat and improve warmth.

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Now we all know that the weather in the winter months can be super unpredictable which is why it's a great idea to have a pair of goggles which adapt to the different light conditions.

We really recommend going for a pair which have photochromatic lenses that automatically adjust to the light conditions, providing optimal visibility in any weather.

Zone3 Attack Photochromatic Goggles

Zone3 Attack Goggles - Photochromatic lenses

Choosing the right googles for wild swimming is often a struggle.  These are a firm favourite of ours here at The Wild Swim Store.  

These photochromatic lenses causes the lens to automatically lighten or darken when exposed to UV rays from sunlight. Meaning you no longer need two pairs of goggles - one for indoor swimming and one for outdoor swimming. 

Key Features:

  • Ultra-soft silicon gaskets.
  • Anti-Fog treated lenses and 100% UVA/UVB protection.
  • Curved Lenses.
  • Flexible soft silicon frame.
  • Easy adjust strap.

Key Benefits:

  • Comfortably fits a wide variety of face shapes and sizes due to a flexible silicon frame, ultra-soft silicon gaskets and an easy adjust strap.
  • Outstanding peripheral vision from curved anti-fog lenses.


Huub Aphotic Goggles

Huub Aphotic Swim Goggle - Black Mirrored

If you're looking for the best swim goggles for all weather conditions, the Aphotic swim goggles are the perfect choice. They provide optimal visibility, comfort, and safety, making them the perfect choice for swimmers of all levels.

The Aphotic swim goggles from HUUB are the perfect choice for swimmers of all levels, from beginners to experienced athletes. They feature photochromatic lenses that automatically adjust to the light conditions, providing optimal visibility in any weather.

Here are just a few of the reasons why the Aphotic swim goggles are the best for swimming in all weather conditions from summer to winter, from the gorgeous outdoors to the indoors:

  • Photochromatic lenses: The photochromatic lenses in the Aphotic swim goggles automatically adjust to the light conditions, providing optimal visibility in any weather. This means that you won't have to squint or worry about being blinded by the sun, even when swimming in bright sunlight or at night.
  • Anti-fog coating: The Aphotic swim goggles have an anti-fog coating that prevents the lenses from fogging up, even in humid conditions. This ensures that you have clear vision at all times, even when swimming for long periods of time.
  • Scratch-resistant lenses: The lenses in the Aphotic swim goggles are scratch-resistant, so you can be sure that they will last for many swims.
  • Mirror finish: The mirror finish on the lenses helps to reduce glare and reflections, making it easier to see underwater.
  • Comfortable fit: The Aphotic swim goggles have a comfortable fit that won't leak or put pressure on your face.

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Keep your head warm

So many, including us, grew up believing you lose most of your body heat through your head. This is in fact a myth.
What is true though is that your head loses heat at about the same rate as other body areas. The head represents approximately 10% of you body area, and if often the one not to be covered up. 
Whether you like to wear a normal swim hat during the colder months, a neoprene cap or a beanie or bobble hat, it is a good idea to keep your head covered. 

Zone 3 Heat Tech Warmth Cap

Zone 3 - Neoprene Heat-Tech Warmth Swim Cap


The Zone 3 Neoprene Heat-Tech Warmth Swim Cap is a great option if you want to keep your head warmer when swimming during the colder months, when the water temperatures give you that ice cream head! 

The swim cap features fleece-lined insulation while still maintaining optimal hydrodynamics through the water.  It is made from high quality 4mm Yamamoto Smoothskin material and has a hook & loop fastening under the chin.

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The Wild Swim Store Organic Ribbed Beanie

The Wild Swim Store Organic Ribbed Beanie

What colour combo shouts "The Sea" more than Navy and white? This organic cotton ribbed beanie is stylish, practical, and eco-friendly, making it an absolute must-have for your hat selection. Made from a double layer knit it will keep your head nice and warm. 

Thanks to its breathable lightweight fabric, you can wear it both indoors and outdoors.

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The Wild Swim Store Silicone Swimming Hat

The Wild Swim Store Silicone Swimming Hat

When swimming in the open water, one of the most important pieces of safety advice, is to be visible.  Wearing a brightly coloured swim hat will make you more visible when on your wild swims.

Wearing one helps any other water craft steer clear of you in busier waters, and should you ever get into trouble, which we hope you won't, it will help any rescuers spot you. 

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Changing Robes

Did you know that your core body temperature can continue to drop for as much as up to 30 minutes after you exit the water?
Wrapping up with layers after your swim and a good hot drink to warm you from the inside are the best ways to warm up safely.  Avoid anything that will heat up your skin like the car heater or a hot shower as this will only draw blood away from your core where it is most needed. 

Frostfire Moonwrap Changing Robes

Frostfire Moonwrap Changing Robe

The Frostfire Moonwrap Changing Robes now come as in a Pro version, which is an update on the super popular original Moonwrap and is great value for money. You get a 100% waterproof shell, with microfibre waterproof pockets as well as a huge range of colours!

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