The Ultimate 2023 Wild Swimmer's Gift Guide

The Ultimate 2023 Wild Swimmer's Gift Guide

Are you looking for that perfect gift for a Wild Swimmer?

This time of year can be so overwhelming, so we have put together a little gift guide with a selection of pressies to help find you the perfect gift for that Wild Swimmer in your life for every level of budget including:

  • Gifts under £10
  • Gifts £20 & under
  • Gifts under £40
  • Gifts over £40

Gifts under £10

The Puffin Waterproof Phone Pouch

Puffin Waterproof Phone Pouch


This bright orange waterproof phone pouch by Puffin is perfect for taking your phone to the lake, beach or river.

Use it in your Puffin Swim Drybag tow float for extra watertight security for your phone, bank cards, car key, money etc.


The Wild Swim Store Silicone Swimming Hat

The Wild Swim Store Silicone Swimming Hat

When swimming in the open water, one of the most important pieces of safety advice, is to be visible.  One option is a tow float, another is a brightly coloured swim hat (or double up and use both). 


Puffin - Peep Swim Safety Whistle with Lanyard

Puffin - Peep Swim Safety Whistle with Lanyard

When out open water swimming it is a good idea to have a whistle on you, to be able to attract attention.  This Puffin Swim Safety Whistle is made from high impact plastic, they are waterproof, lightweight, durable and non-corrodible.


Swim the Lakes - Shell Ear plugs

Swim the Lakes - Shell Ear plugs


Great contoured earplugs made from soft and durable silicone.  The soft material and shape ensure a comfortable and reliable fit. Perfect to protect your ears whilst swimming and guard against infections. 


Gifts £20 and under

Adventure Lights

Adventure Lights - clip on lights for night wild swimming


These Adventure Lights are a must-have whether you are a night swimmer or an early morning dawn dipper. They have a handy mini carabiner that allows you to securely clip them to the outside of your tow float or pop them inside your dry bag tow float. Another tip is to use them to pinpoint where your entry/exit points are.  


Puffin - Waterproof Waist Pouch

Puffin - Waterproof Waist Pouch


The Puffin waterproof waist pouch is ideal for storing your accessories to keep them dry.  Perfect for wild swimming, pop in your keys, money, passport, or phone.


The Wild Swim Store Enamel Mug

The Wild Swim Store Enamel Wild Swimming Mug


Every wild swimmer needs something for their hot drink after their swim to ward off the after drop. This enamel mug is lightweight, durable and multifunctional. Use it for your favourite beverage or a hot meal, and attach it to your bag for easy access on a hike to your swim.

The Wild Swim Store Mug

The Wild Swim Store Mug

Add a splash of colour to your morning coffee or tea ritual! These ceramic mugs not only have a our distinctive Wild Swim Store Logo on them, but also a colourful rim, handle, and inside, so the mug is bound to spice up your mug rack.


The Wild Swim Store Organic Ribbed Beanie

The Wild Swim Store Organic Ribbed Beanie


Wear The Wild Swim Store Beanie after, or even whilst, swimming. It will help keep your head warmer!    

What colour combo shouts "The Sea" more than Navy and white? This organic ribbed beanie is stylish, practical, and eco-friendly, making it an absolute must-have for your hat selection. Thanks to its breathable lightweight fabric, you can wear it both indoors and outdoors.


Wild Swimming Books

Wild Swimming Books - Guides and Swims


Wild Swimming Walks The Lake District - Top Swims in the Lakes


Surprise your swim buddy with a thoughtful gift from our collection of Wild Swimming Books like Wild Swimming Walks in The Lake District or Cornwall, or Outdoor Swimming in London.

Delve into these captivating guides and discover enchanting swimming spots to add to your Swim Bucket List!

Full list of books below:


Wild Swimming Walks Cornwall

Wild Swimming Walks - Dorset & East Devon

Wild Swimming Walks - Lake District

Outdoor Swimming London - wild swims & lidos book

Hidden Beaches Spain Book

Wild Guide Andalucia - southern Spain

Wild Swimming Alps - incl Austria, Germany, Switzerland

Wild Guide Balearic Islands - Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza & Formentera

Wild Swimming Croatia and Slovenia

Wild Swimming France

Gifts under £40


Puffin - 35 Litre Swim/Hike Recycled Tow Float Rucksack

Puffin - 35 Litre Swim/Hike Recycled Tow Float Rucksack

How about gifting the R35 Rucksack Tow Float from Puffin? 

Embrace the thrill of open-water swimming with the R35 Rucksack Tow Float from Puffin, a must-have accessory for any wild swimmer seeking to explore new horizons.

This ingenious tow float seamlessly transforms into a practical backpack,
making it an ideal companion for cross-country swimming expeditions or cycling to swim spots. Its compact design ensures easy portability, while its ample storage capacity accommodates all your swimming essentials, from extra layers to snacks and hydration.

Whether traversing rugged terrains or open water swimming in rivers, the sea or lakes,
the R35 Rucksack Tow Float empowers wild swimmers to embark on unforgettable adventures with unparalleled convenience.


Speedo - Eco Endurance Medalist Swimsuit - Red

Speedo - Eco Endurance Medalist Swimsuit - Christmas Red

Get your festive swim on with this bright red classic Speedo medalist swimsuit is part of their eco range, now with 50% recycled materials.  A great gift to any wild swimmer, stand out on your Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year's Day swims in this festive red swimsuit.

It has a great cut and fit with great shoulder movement and flexibility, ideal for all swimming styles from dipping, breaststroke, backstroke, front crawl and even just floating on your back in the water.

We love the stand out red colour, which looks striking when on and even better it matches our must-have bright red The Wild Swim Store swim hats.

Zone 3 - Neoprene Heat-Tech Warmth Swim Cap

Zone 3 - Neoprene Heat-Tech Warmth Swim Cap


The Zone 3 Neoprene Heat-Tech Warmth Swim Cap is a great option if you want to keep your head warmer when swimming during the colder months, when the water temperatures give you that ice cream head! 

The swim cap features fleece-lined insulation while still maintaining optimal hydrodynamics through the water.  It is made from high quality 4mm Yamamoto Smoothskin material and has a hook & loop fastening under the chin.


Two Bare Feet Unisex Perspective Wetsuit Jacket 2.5mm

Two Bare Feet Unisex Perspective Wetsuit Jacket 2.5mm


This is a great affordable option to wear over a swimsuit in order to provide some extra warmth during the colder months.

At 2.5mm, this wetsuit jacket is thick enough to keep you warmer in the water whilst maintaining the flexibility to swim in, for when the temperatures start to drop.

Perfectly suited to shorter dips on colder days when you just want to enjoy being in the water for a little longer.  

A wonderful gift for a cold water dipper who finds it hard to get into and out of wetsuits and long sleeve swimsuits, the full length zip ensures you get out of it in an instant!


Frostfire - Moonbag Changing Mat and Bag

Frostfire - Moonbag Changing Mat and Bag


A changing mat is the perfect wild swimming accessory and a perfect pick for that wild swimmer in your life.  Whether they are a hardy "Skins" swimmer or a neoprene clad adventurer, sandy beach bounder or a muddy river bank slider, having something dry underfoot to get changed on will never go amiss. 

Then once done it can just whip up into its own soggy pile into a convenient carry bag, pour a hot drink and natter away safe of mind that the rest of the swim gear will be kept dry. 


Puffin - Billy Eco25 Recycled Drybag Wild Swimming Tow Float

Puffin - Billy Eco25 Recycled Drybag Wild Swimming Tow Float


The Billy Eco25 Drybag Tow Float is THE eco-friendly tow float.

The Billy Eco25 Drybag Float is light, bright, and designed to be better for the environment.

The smaller Billy Eco15 was the first float to use bio-degradable TPU now we have made it bigger and made it even more eco-friendly by using recycled plastic bottles (RPET) to replace the nylon, this is a much more eco-friendly option than nylon and can help reduce the impact on landfills.


Fourth Element - Rock Hopper shoes

Fourth Element - Rock Hopper shoes 


The Fourth Element Rock Hopper shoes are lightweight yet pack a punch in comfort and versatility.  

Comfortable for clambering over rocks thanks to the natural rubber outsole and ergonomic footbed.  The 3mm stretch neoprene is very comfortable and is lined with OceanPositive fabric made from recycled plastic bottles.

The smoothskin seal around the ankle minimises water movement and helps to keep the shoes in place but also makes them a breeze to get off post swim unlike some other neoprene boots.

The outer parts of the shoe are made from a 100% natural rubber from rubber trees, reducing the demand for synthetic rubber made from petrochemicals. 


Gifts over £40

Zone 3 Women's Yulex Long sleeve Swimsuit

Zone 3 Women's Yulex Long sleeve Swimsuit


This Women's Yulex® Natural Rubber Long Sleeve Swimsuit by Zone 3 is made for all open water adventures. Featuring 1.5mm thickness throughout and full coverage across the back and arms, it provides core warmth and protection from the elements while allowing great freedom of movement, whatever the activity.

It is eco-friendly too; by using natural rubber, the suit's CO2 emissions are reduced by up to 80% supporting a greener future for the next generation of open water swimmers.


Aphotic Swim Goggle - Black Mirrored

Huub Aphotic Swim Goggle - Black Mirrored


These “Aphotic” goggles from HUUB, are their first swim goggle that gets darker or lighter through Photochromatic technology without you even noticing. A self-regulating lens that delivers the comfort and vision needed to maximise sighting and assist on swims and now with a full mirrored lens.


SNUG BUD® - Wearable Body Warmer with Hand Warming Sleeve

SNUG BUD® - Wearable Body Warmer with Hand Warming Sleeve

The SNUG BUD® is a wearable body warmer with a hand-warming sleeve and is every cold-water swimmer's dream!  A great addition to your post-swim kit, this will be sure to help you to warm up after your swim. 

Simply fill up the natural rubber water bottle with hot water (not boiling), put it in the pouch, sling it over your shoulder and begin the post-swim warming process.  It has an anti-burn insulated cover, so it warms you up gradually as warming up too quickly can be dangerous. 



Frostfire - Moonwrap Long Sleeve Waterproof Changing Robe - Original & Pro Versions

Frostfire Moonwrap Waterproof Long Sleeve Changing Robes

Available in a selection of colours like this electric blue, forest green, black, navy, red or camo. Choose from the Frostfire Moonwrap Original Changing Robe or their new updated version, the Pro. 

The FrostFire Moonwrap is a life saver when it comes to staying warm outdoors. Whether you’re wet or dry, the Moonwrap will soon warm you up. Frostfire designed the Moonwrap to withstand those muddy, wet, sandy days using durable, high quality materials. It’s also super easy to wash and wipe clean!


The Wild Swim Store Gift Card

 The Wild Swim Store Gift Card


Have a Wild Swimmer in your life, but don’t know what to get them?

Buy one of our Gift Cards, and let them choose. You will receive a virtual Gift Card via email: no waiting for it to arrive. 

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